It is said that the blue color symbolizes many positive qualities, such as trust, loyalty, truth, wisdom, intelligence and trust, faith and paradise. It is thought that blue is beneficial for the mind and the body as it produces a calming effect that is also said to slow down the human metabolism. If light colors leave you cold, dark blue is associated with stability and depth. With all this in mind, it seems like a color choice big enough for a room used for relaxation, right? We think so too, so we put together thirty of our favorite blue living room decorating patterns to relax your mind, body and soul.

In this dark blue living room theme, the shadow of the feature wall is copied and continued around the room via a padded L-shaped sofa. A bright yellow accent chair with matching footrest was introduced to shatter the monotony.

A single wall of an intense blue is echoed only by a blue cushion diluted on the opposite side. The purple heather cushions and curtains perfectly complement the shades of blue, and a vivid tie-colored stripe balances the visual weight of the room. The sofa and the floor are neutral and light, while a dark table, a modern rocking chair and a design table lamp provide the base notes.

Like looking into a cloudless summer sky, this high sky blue living room looks heavenly.

Orange meets blue again in this huge layout. Since the blue is on the opposite side of the color wheel with respect to orange, the combination is naturally surprising.