Sharing an office is not always easy, but with the correct setting of the work area, coexistence is certainly possible. This post examines a wide variety of offices designed for two occupants, with options ranging from face-to-face agreements to side-by-side, from minimalist environments to wonderfully artistic retreats. You’ll also find some suggestions for designer desks for two and elegant desk chairs! If you are looking to reorganize your home office or want to make your workplace more welcoming, we hope you will find some original ideas right here.

Here is another well separated work space. Integrated lights make it easy to find reference material and office supplies on the top shelves.

With just two trestles and a pair of central drawers, a simple piece of table can become a spacious work desk.

Here is another simple back-to-back arrangement, created by pushing together two modern desks for the home office. This approach is a great way to avoid being distracted by what might happen on the other screen. Exactly: a partner can pause with a YouTube video without interrupting the workflow of others.

Here is the combination of another room and children’s office. The work area presents another version of the famous About A Chair project by Hee Welling, this time with the wooden leg option.