Three apartments have been united to realize the River Stone project, a spacious 300 square meter house for a young family. Designed by ZOOI’s talent, this is an interior of airy minimalism and a search for perfectionism. The apartment has been divided into zones to facilitate practical family life, with a decorative palette that is neither excessively feminine nor masculine, but is deposited gently in an elegantly neutral place right in the middle. That is, with the exception of the child’s bedroom, which is the dream world of a child who becomes reality. Come with us on an inspiring tour of this bright and relaxing modern family home …

Soft golden accents for the house are passed inside.

A modern black New York Roll & Hill chandelier decorates the space above the black table.

The technical tracks of the XAL factory illuminate the length of the space. A modern floor lamp extends as work lighting on one end of the sofa, where an additional sectional seat looks towards a window. The “light stem” and the combination of chairs form a reading angle.