When space is limited, it can be difficult to think big about design, but these three small apartments have a strong individual style. Apartment one shows how to introduce colored elements in a simple white and wood tone to achieve a truly unique look. Number two is a studio layout with a spacious atmosphere and a brown, beige and earthy black palette designed to promote tranquility. The house number three is a renovation of the loft that houses shades of light gray and light natural, with a slightly industrial chic air coming from exposed red brick walls and strong lines. If you’ve been stuck with ideas for a small space, then let yourself be inspired by this fantastic trio.

The kitchen cafeteria revolves around a U-shaped arrangement, which ends in a service area on the right side.

This corner shows us the limits of space in the compact apartment.

Despite the small size of the window, a total width of the shutters was installed, which gives the dressing a much more substantial appearance. Rough bricks, soft fabrics and wireframe lighting come together to create an industrial but cozy bedroom scheme.