The perfect reading point is not easy to find. Comfortable reading chairs and living rooms can do the job, but the passionate reader knows he needs an appropriate setting. These 50 angles and slits consider the lover’s wishes of a good read. Whether you want to pierce a library wall, relax against a sunny window ledge, hang in a hammock or an outdoor bed or find a unique reading space of your own, we have a place that makes you turn your mind. Take a look at our selection to see which reading style – and reading position – works best for you.

Coat your corner living room with windows and a soft stone chair, for a beautiful seat suitable for turning the pages.

Colors and patterns increase one level with this green and gold design. A large window lets light into a sunny area and a retro Turkish carpet.

With a relaxing look in segmented leather and wood, this Eames-Style lounge chair and matching ottoman work beautifully in a library made entirely of wood.