The minimalist aesthetic is a fusion of clean lines and simplistic layouts, and this recipe lends itself perfectly to a clear and fresh white finish. The initial idea of ​​creating a simple white interior design seems simple, but it can be difficult to achieve the right balance. How to model a fashionable space with minimal elements? How to avoid a cold atmosphere in the absence of color? Stay with us as we guide you through three minimalist white domestic tours that nail the look; find out how to use textures, shape, careful care and customized storage solutions to succeed in a high-end minimalist restyling.

A floating table serves each side of the bed, finished in wood effect.

Our first of three home tours starts in a minimalist living room, furnished with two white sofas and an open-plan kitchen in the corner. The white on white kitchen installation is mostly set in a wall of full-height cabinets, with the exception of a dining peninsula that serves three seats along a cantilever. The walls of the room are devoid of decorations or art, however they are painted with light to create a welcoming glow.

Despite the all-white color scheme in the kitchen of the kitchen, the integrated appliances were selected in a black color. The black notes provide a bite of interest and add weight to the appearance.