Your bedroom, whether you share it with a partner or sleep peacefully alone, should be a reflection of your personality and your values. Above all, a bedroom should be a place where it is easy to relax. Some people might prefer to splash the colors on the walls and bring large tropical plants to create their own escape into the jungle, but others will tend to something a little simpler and more zen. The rooms present here are not afraid of dirt, dust or red wine. The white palettes are relaxing, bright and welcome for relaxation, while splendid furnishings, works of art and accessories add enough personality to make every room feel like home.

When you add a pinch of black or gray to a white bedroom, such as these modern wall lights, it takes on an almost futuristic appearance.

A small bedroom will immediately feel larger with the use of a lot of white light and enough lighting, as this bedroom certainly shows.

The clean lines on this platform bed give a Japanese touch while the white walls draw attention to craftsmanship.