So, your child has outgrown his child’s bedroom decor and created you the biting mission of creating a fantastic new space for them. They want it to be a fun place to spend time, and yes, it’s a good idea to incorporate some elements that you know your child will like, they are young only once. However, since their bedroom is part of your beloved home like any other room, you would like it to have even style. Check out this collection of fun bedroom sets with style for starting. It could be exactly the balance you were looking for.

The decor of the nautical room would have worked brilliantly in a coastal house or for every child who dreams of running away in the waves.

An intelligent window was modeled like a sail, complete with tree nest and crows. The herringbone floor gives the impression of undulating waves below.

A play area has been built over the storage units, where kids can climb up and imagine sailing the ocean.