Come with us to this 195 square meter Forest House in Kiev, Ukraine, designed and displayed by Bezmirno Architects. Beyond the imposing trees, we find the exterior of the house on one floor standing a beautiful combination of wood and stone. The natural materials of the forest house continue even inside the house, where rich wooden walls make up most of the furniture. Stacked stone builds one of the fireplaces and a quiet courtyard forms a majestic nucleus. In addition to the beautiful rusticity in all interiors, the furniture design follows a clearly chic and contemporary nature, which creates a splendid mix of modern and natural styles.

Outdoor deck chairs extend over a poolside patio that connects the volumes of the house.

Some forest trees are found in the park of the house, rising towards the sky from well-kept lawns, paths and cobblestone edges.

The property also has an independent living space, which has a lounge and a kitchen in one room.